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Bubbling Flex Menu


This Flex/ActionScript web application requests a properly structured XML service that produces the data based on the GUI is built. Then the GUI animates (bubbling) and allows to navigate through the URL also defined by the service.

Here is the Application

Switch to European | American | Japanese cars.

Technology and Solution

The above Flex Application provides the following functionality:

1) Expands the image tiles at opening (reload) time.
2) Each tile animates on a MouseOver event.
3) Each tile shows additional informations on MouseOver event.
4) Each tile is linked to an external page. URL reload happens on MouseClick event.
5) Consumes it's data sources from an external XML file stored on the server.
6) Consumes it's image sources from the server's file-system

The following data is stored (and can be displayed) about any tile in an external XML-file:

id (e.g. alfa_romeo)
name (e.g. Alfa Romeo)
title (e.g. Discover the New Alfa Romeo Giulietta)
description (e.g. The sporty alternative to everyday car.)
img_url (e.g. eu/alfa_romeo.jpg)
link_url (e.g.
tags (e.g. cars, sport)
priority (e.g. 1)

Next planned works on the project:

1) Display more information on MouseOver event.
2) Sizing images based on priority.
3) Showing up a private box with all the info on MouseOver event.
4) ShowUp-timing changes.
5) Adding a paging functionality.
6) Improving external configurability.

Any additional, required functionality can be added.






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