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Simply Stainless products

Test Products
Work Bench (01)
Work Bench - LB (01b)
Work Bench with Splash Back (02)
Work Bench with Splash Back - LB (02b)
Work Bench - Mobile (03)
Work Bench - Mobile - LB (03b)
Corner bench with splash back (04)
Corner bench with splash back - LB (04b)
Sink Bench with splash back (05)
Sink Bench with splash back - LB (05b)
Double sink bench with splash back (06)
Double sink bench with splash back - LB (06b)
Dish Wash Outlet Bench (07)
Dish Wash inlet bench with sink (08)
Double Bowl Dishwash Entry (09)
Wall shelf (10)
Pipe Wall Shelf (11)
Bench Overshelf (12)
Double Bench Overshelf (13)
Two Tier Trolley (14)
Three Tier Trolley (25)
Mobile Gastronorm Rack Trolley (16)
Adj. Storage Shelving Four Tier (17)
Salamander Bench (18)
Stainless Steel Drawer (19)
GN Drawer (19b)
Sink Bowl Cover (20)
Undershelf (21)
Stainless Steel Leg Brace (22)
Granite Benches (23)
Triple Bowl Sing with Upstand (24)
Single Storage Shelf (25) (to suite Item 17)
Ingredient Bins (26)
Combi Stands (27)
Microwave Shelf (28)
Wall Cupboards (29)
Vet Cage (30)
Blue Seal/Waldorf Infill Bench (31)
Door Panel Kit (32)
Counter Conversion Kit (32b)
Stainless Steel Bollard (33)
Cleaners Sink (34)
Gastronorm Dish Cassette (35)
Dishwash Basket Cassette (36)
Dish Wash Entry/Exit (37)
Folding Table (38)
Waiters Station (40)

Custom sized tables

Infill Tables


Upstands 600 and 700 (41)

Standard products

Bratt Pan
Dish Washer
Combi Oven
Exhaust Canopy Box Style
Cake Display
Bain Marie Hotbox with Glass Display
Hand Basins


Portable Handwash
Commercial Microwave Ovens
Bake Off, Catering Ovens and Provers
Catering Equipment
Ovens - Ranges
Combination Steamers
Food Service Equipment
Panini/Contact Grill
Food Preparation
Beverage Equipment
Commercial Refrigeration

Walls, doors and windows

Wall Segments

2D Canvas not supported

3D WebGL View be implemented...

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Item Details
| Pan: 0, 0 | Scale: 1 | In Window (px): 0, 0 | In Space (mm): 0, 0 |
Camera | Render as  | Walls N W S E | Floor tiles/m
Light set - Default | Wall shading - Basic | Wall color | Background color

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Changing the room parameters may require you to renew your doors and windows and to replace your product models inside the room.

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