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It all starts in the kitchen.

Take a look at some kitchens to gain an insight into what we can offer. Explore these brilliant locations from the kitchen to the plate, and share our journey into delivering excellence.

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Patricia Coffee Brewers Melbourne
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 Patricia Coffee Brewers Melbourne

Tucked away on the corner of Little Bourke and William Street in Melbourne, you can find this little hidden gem: Patricia. Patricia is a contemporary coffee shop where you stand up to enjoy your coffee, or opt for the takeaway option to spruce your handcrafted coffee on the streets. The staff are passionate about their coffee and they seem to share that love with their customers. The offer of sparkling water to first cleanse the palate, before allowing you to sip your well brewed coffee, really sets the tone of the knowledge and love this café and it’s staff have for coffee. I spy an Eswood Dishwasher getting lots of use as Patricia continues to turn around coffee to her long line of happy customers. They say behind every good café there is a sturdy dishwasher - well here is a perfect example.

-Comkit Foodie

Hub on Hutton
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 Hub On Hutton in Osborne Park

Hub on Hutton is a fantastic little spot to pick up a coffee on the go. Located in Osborne Park, close to our sister company Caterlink, this cafe is sure to satisfy.

The bacon and egg wraps are a must eat. Stored in the custom black Festive York Display, before being toasted in a Roband Grill, these rolls are delicious treat. If you are in a hurry, this place lets you text your coffee order through so you don’t have to wait an extra minute for your morning caffeine hit.

-Comkit Foodie

The Kiosk Fremantle
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 The Kiosk Fremantle

Dropped in for a short mac at the ‘The Kiosk Fremantle', on the banks of the Swan River. Perhaps the chic pea and lentil gourmet burger for lunch, prepared on the Simply Stainless prep bench and cooked in a Waldorf Salamander Grill. As the poster states (and with which we completely agree) ‘oarsome good times’.

It is obvious to any one enjoying a meal that the kitchen uses fresh produce and makes the food fresh everyday. It's attention to smaller details such as this continuous supply of fresh produce which is becoming a definite trend throughout Australia. A very happy little discovery, considering you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at this one. Perfect.

-Comkit Foodie

Moore and Moore Fremantle
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 Moore and Moore

Moore and Moore Fremantle is a regular favourite for @comkitfoodie!

It is not simply a cafe, it a place where mindful eating comes naturally. The breakfast menu, available all day, has the opportunity to satisfy each one of your basic morning food cravings. The avocado, pesto, sliced tomato, rocket, sweet balsamic combines all the right ingredients to start your day with a comfortably full stomach. Top it off with some 7 grain toast cooked on a Roband Toaster Grill and you are ready to start your day.

Don’t forget to check out the adjoining art gallery for some creative inspiration!

- Comkit Foodie

Brickfields in Chippendale
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  Brickfields in Chippendale Kitchen Turbofan

Brickfields serves up the freshest bread for miles around. Baked completely on site, the head bakers work long into the night to satisfy lines of customers each morning. Of course, a top quality bakery requires top quality commercial kitchen products, such as Brickfields’ Turbofan Prover amongst numerous other products which help to serve the freshest quality ingredients as often as possible.

Blasting old-school tunes whilst tempting passers by with the incredible smell of fresh bread from this brilliant little kitchen, Brickfields on Cleveland St is an absolute must for any food lover.

-Comkit Foodie

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